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A typical day as a CEO

Asked by charissgarcia | 2 Comments   | 16 Likes  

Hi, Alex! I'm currently studying MBA in the hopes of becoming a CEO as well in the future. Can you describe to us the typical day of a CEO? Thank you!

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Asked by Verdi |1 Likes

Should I use my LinkedIn profile as my resume?

Hi Alex. My name is Verdi. I am looking for graduate jobs and came across the option to use my linkedin page as my resume. Should I do this? I am thinking... MORE

Asked by Lewisalton |1 Likes

I dream of owning my own business, any advice?

Hi Alex, My name is Lewis and I am 17 years of age and am in love with business. I always dream of owning my own business and constantly follow your... MORE

Asked by Gemking

What basic principles do I need to consider in decision making?

Hi Alex, As a manager and department head what basic principles do I need to consider in decision making? Thank you Nicholas MORE

Asked by Frement

How to create a routine at my new workplace

Hi Alex, I will be starting my career at the big 4. So my question is, how do you personally maintain healthy habits and a consistent routine in environments... MORE


Can I use the same resume for multiple positions?

Hi Sir, May I use same resume for Accounts Receivable job,Graduate Accountant or Assistant Accountant job. what would you like recommend me. I will wait... MORE

Asked by Jatin

How to get a job after finishing my degree

Hi I jatin is doing my degree in Hospitality and tourism and finance from James cook university, singapore. This is my last trismester and I want to work... MORE

Asked by sarah6891

How do I get references from my previous job?

Requesting advice for administrators, who have resigned - how to obtain references from bad employers/poorly run small business's that chose to not provide... MORE

Asked by Mahin

How can I increase my self confidence and self esteem?

Hi Alex, I want to ask how i can increase my self confidence and self esteem. I am very shy when it comes to starting conversations with people and... MORE

Asked by GeoffSmith |1 Likes

Should I wear a tie at my job?

Alex, whats your thoughts on wearing ties? Im in Catholic Education & want to distance myself from the traditional concept of 'principle' but don't want... MORE

Asked by Jayden

Help regarding my start up company

Hi Alex Question for you regarding my start up company. We are in the process of building our online university recruitment portal and are nearly done.... MORE

Asked by ThucTran

Should I change my career path?

Hi Alex, i'm Thuc, i've just realized that i'm really into economics although i've been studying engineering for more than two years. What should i do... MORE

Asked by PTrans158

I still don't know what I should do with my career

Hi Alex, good day to you. I'm P. Trans from Viet Nam. 2 months ago I bought your book " the naked CEO" and really excited about your book. But I still... MORE


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