Top 10 holiday study tips

Why studying over the break will give you a head start

No more pencils, no more books… it’s holiday time! Or is it? Before you start thinking about how you’re going to spend your free time, consider this - hitting the books now could save you a lot of pain in the future.

Here’s how you can get ahead this holiday season:

1.   Prepare your family: Home for the holidays? The first step is to discuss your learning requirements ahead of time so your family won’t be blindsided. Your studies will be far more successful if you have the support of your loved ones.

2.   Find a quiet study space: With holidays come a lot of unusual distractions. So – if you’re in a different location – make sure you find somewhere when you can close yourself off and get the job done.

Want to find the best study space for you? Read our 6 tips.

3.   Shuffle your timetable: Social activities dominating? Make a list of all the events you have to attend and design a study plan that works around them. If you’re an early bird, why not try studying in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up. You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve without the normal distractions.

4.   Clear the decks: Make a list of all the chores or activities taking up valuable headspace. Then decide which ones are urgent and get them done. The rest can wait.

5.   Keep your expectations realistic: Make sure your workload is manageable or you will procrastinate and ultimately achieve nothing. If you need to review your coursework, break it off into bite-sized pieces.

6.   Get prepared: If you’re beginning new subjects, get all the pens, notepads, folders, books and technical equipment you’ll need for the semester ahead and make sure everything’s correctly labelled. If you’re halfway through a semester, assess the stuff you already have. Does anything need replacing, updating or maintaining?

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7.   Do the introductory readings: Starting a new semester complete with a whole variety of new subjects? Most will include a list of background reading to help prepare for the course work. So why not get a head start and begin revising.

8.   Reward yourself: Gold stars don’t just work for kids, so give yourself little treats as incentives when you reach study milestones.

9.   Make yourself accountable: Remember - it’s easier to stay on track when you’ve told others what you plan to achieve, even if it’s only your family or a friend.

10. Give yourself a break: Holidays are also essential for both your mind and body to rest, relax and recuperate – so you can spring back into action at the beginning of semester – so make sure you schedule in some down time!

Don’t Forget:

  • Get your work done early
  • Don’t go overboard – rest and relaxation is important too
  • Reward yourself
  • Keep your expectations realistic


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