7 easy ways to incorporate study into your daily routine

7 easy ways to incorporate study into your daily routine

Coming back from a relaxing holiday and jumping straight back into study can seem like a daunting prospect. But there is no need to procrastinate when you can easily fit revision into your daily routine. Here’s how:

1. Put short notes or memory cards around your house - such as next to a light switch, on a mirror or above your bed. This will help to remind yourself of important ideas every time you see them.

2. Create your own spot-quiz with smartphone reminders that contain important notes which you need to memorise. Set an alarm at random times throughout the day so you will be able to remind yourself of key information.

3. Keep a short, sharp "cheat sheet" in your wallet, purse or backpack. Read through these notes at times that would otherwise be wasted, such as when you're on a train.

4. Listen to audio books, podcasts or your own recordings of notes on your phone or music player when you exercise or walk around campus.

5. Next time you feel like lounging around on the couch, watch a documentary or TED Talk on the topic you are studying for. Documentaries are an entertaining way to remember key details in a relatively short period of time.

6. If you’re short on time try listening to recorded lectures at double the speed. This will jog your memory when you hear key terms. Programs such as Audacity or VLC media player can do this for you.

7. Before you sit down to study, spray an unfamiliar scent or chew a unique flavour of gum. When exam time rolls around, you should spray the same scent or chew the same flavoured gum. Studies show brain association with a unique smell can help memory recall!

Don’t forget:

  • Put revision notes around your house
  • Use smartphone reminders to create an instant spot-quiz
  • Make use of wasted time by keeping notes in your bag
  • Use audio books or create your own recordings


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