How to use LinkedIn to land a great job

How to use LinkedIn to land a great job

LinkedIn can be a really useful tool for jobseekers, especially when you know how to use it to your advantage. With these tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile, you could land your dream job! 

1. Create a compelling LinkedIn profile 

Make sure your profile is detailed. List all of your relevant experience for the type of job you’re searching for. Include a detailed job history, a work-appropriate photo of yourself, a short summary of your career goals and skills, and any training course, volunteer work or certificates you might have. Need help? Check out these tips.

2. Look at job ads 

LinkedIn is more than just a social network. It’s a job board too! More and more companies are posting their job ads to their LinkedIn company pages. Check out jobs in your area or industry by clicking ‘jobs’ on the main menu.

3. Follow company pages 

Is there a company that you dream of working for? By following the company’s page, you’ll be alerted when job vacancies are posted, and you’ll have a head start on the application process by understanding how the company operates and what kinds of attributes they search for in candidates.

4. Build a network 

Build up a network of ‘connections’ who know you in a professional context. Connect with people you know from previous jobs, university, or volunteer programs. Your contacts can provide you recommendations and can introduce you to others who may be hiring.

5. Read articles and follow Influencers

LinkedIn publishes a number of articles written by business Influencers. They are highly successful business people who have achieved great goals within their fields. Follow some influencers that are relevant to your career goals - they might give you the kind of inspiration you’ve been searching for to kick-start your career!

6. Join LinkedIn groups for networking

There are many groups on LinkedIn where professionals start and join discussions about skills, industries and resources. Groups are a great way to learn about issues affecting people in your industry, and to keep up-to-date with trends and information that might help you to ‘wow’ a potential employer! 

7. Personalise your invitation requests 

Make your interactions memorable by personalising your invitations to connect with other LinkedIn users. Sending a customised message will help you to build a relationship with someone rather than simply adding to their number of connections. 

8. Use the skills feature 

When searching for new employees, hiring teams will often use keywords to identify candidates with a certain skillset. By adding a list of your skills to your profile, you’re increasing the number of key words that can be used to find you as a candidate – and providing an opportunity for people in your network to endorse them.

9. Ask existing connections to write recommendations 

Having short references from people you’ve worked with in the past can help to verify and support any details you’ve listed on your profile. If a connection sees that other people are willing to vouch for you as an employee or colleague, then you’ll often stand out as a stronger, more reliable candidate for a job. Do make sure you only ask people for recommendations who are genuinely in a position to provide that information about you.

10. Upload media files and share URLs 

Make use of LinkedIn’s features that allow you to upload examples of your work and website URLs. If you have a personal website or online portfolio, you can share the URL. If you have any reports, portfolios or presentations that you’re able to share publicly, attach them to your profile. Think outside the square to stand out - like sharing a photo of you receiving an award or participating in a team-building exercise.

Have you had any success job seeking on LinkedIn? Share your experience and other suggestions in the comments below.

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