How to annoy a recruiter

How to annoy a recruiter

Recruiters are often the gateway to your dream role. Impress them, and they can be a powerful ally. Annoy them, and you shall go no further. So what is considered annoying? Glad you asked – read on.

Here are the top three ways to annoy a recruiter:

Your resume has the wrong contact details, or none at all: 

You would be surprised at the number of people who apply for roles but don’t provide a way for recruiters to contact them. With so many applications crossing their desks on a daily basis, don’t give them a reason to toss yours aside. Always make triple sure your resume has your correct phone number and email address listed right under your name.

Your follow-up with the recruiter is forceful:

Following up is a good idea. If you’ve had an interview with a recruiter, sending an email or calling afterwards to thank them for their time is always appreciated. Letting them know you’re really keen and looking forward to the possibility of progressing with the recruitment process is great too. But leave it there. Calling several times a day for a status update is not ok. If you have provided them with the correct contact details, they will call you if they have news. Pestering recruiters will only see your name dropped from the shortlist – if you are high maintenance at this point, what will you be like if you actually get the job?

Your attitude leaves a lot to be desired: 

Have you ever heard the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? It’s true! Sweetness wins out over bitterness every time, yet some people don’t realise this. If you are rude to a recruiter, you can bet the hiring manager will hear about it and you can kiss that dream job goodbye. Recruiters are not there to serve you – they are there to serve their client, your potential employer, so never speak to them in a way you wouldn’t speak to your boss. Always use your manners and be a pleasure to deal with – even if you don’t get this role, your recruiter will remember you for all the right reasons and will put you forward for the next one. 


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