4 ways to dress for job interview success

4 ways to dress for job interview success

Make no mistake, as soon as you enter any organisation for a job interview you are being sized up. So what impression do you want to make? That you’re the consummate corporate professional who is prepared for each and every occasion? Or that you’re too casual (or too conservative) with no understanding of office etiquette?

To play the part, you need to look the part. Here are four tips to help you to look your best:

You’re on parade: Wearing inappropriate clothing, having scuffed shoes or even messy hair may be a harmless fashion statement about who you are. But to a hiring manager, it sends out signals that you may not be up to the task before you even open your mouth. They need to be able to visualise you in the role on offer and it’s up to you to make their job as effortless as possible.

Dress for the job you want: It’s important to know the difference between corporate wear and ‘going-out’ attire. Dress for success by wearing your best clothes! Making an influential impact in the corporate world is the key to ongoing success. Start right, finish right.

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Keep it simple: Don't use more than 3 colours on your outfit and one of them being white. A full suit should always be your No.1 choice for the ultimate success.

Be prepared: Always prepare your outfit the night before you go to bed. The last thing you want is to discover you have the wrong size shoes or there is a stain on your shirt or dress before you’re about to leave for the interview.

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Don’t forget:

  • You are being judged as soon as you walk in the door
  • In most companies dressing conservatively is best
  • Prepare your outfit the night before 


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