Dream big and get a big job

Dream big and get a big job

How do you get a job at one of the Big Four accounting firms? Nelson Hon works at KPMG thanks to the CPA Program. Learn how you can get a global career by reading his success story.

Nelson Hon CPA says studying the CPA Program and being awarded the designation has helped to progress his career at one of the world’s big four accounting firms.

How the CPA Program can help you get a role at KPMG

Hon, who returned to his home city of Hong Kong after completing his studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, has been working at KPMG
for five years and is now in the position of Assistant Manager, China Tax.

The CPA Program provides you with a strong base to build your career because it gives you the knowledge to develop your work exposure,” Nelson Hon says.

“I have found that when you tell people you are a qualified CPA accountant, whether it’s a client or colleague, they feel more comfortable asking you a question or for your opinion.”  

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Working at one of the big four accounting firms

When asked about the application process to apply for a graduate position at KPMG, the 27-year-old says the tests and interviews he had to attend were tough.

But Hon admits if you are hired by one of the big four accounting firms after this lengthy process, it can be a great place to start your career.  “It’s challenging working at KPMG in Hong Kong because you work with different clients every day. But at the same time it can be extremely rewarding as it gives you great global exposure because you get to work with people and colleagues from around the world,” Hon says.

Networking outside the office 

Outside of the office, Hon is part of CPA Australia’s Young Achievers Committee, which is a group of young CPA Australia members who meet and do various activities throughout the year. 

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He says the committee is not only a great support network, but has also been helpful in the early parts of his career.

 “When I need an insight into a certain industry, I remember that I have met a contact while attending an event for the Young Achievers Committee.  I send that person an email and they usually get back pretty quickly, which is really helpful,” he says.  

As for Hon’s future career plans, he wants to continue working his way up the corporate ladder at KPMG.

“I want to stay at KPMG for the foreseeable future because it’s a great place for young professionals and gives you exposure to different industries. It’s also a good place to learn and reach high professional standards,” he says.

Nelson Hon CPA’s advice for the interview process: 

1. Be prepared – research before you attend an interview

2. Know what you want to do in your career  and which area you want to work in

3. Know more about the world than book knowledge


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