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Jodie Matthews

From financial freedom blogger to avid traveller, budding author, career mentor and UGL rising star, there’s no mountain too high for Jodie Matthews CPA to climb.

As the head of the finance and administration department of the Australian engineering and construction business, she says being herself has helped her career progression.

“I found the only way to survive was to be true to myself, so when people said to me, ‘I want you to be more aggressive with your style of communication,’ on site I’ve said, ‘No, this is who I am, and this is my approach,’’ says Jodie Matthews CPA.

Fortunately Jodie’s results speak for themselves with her people management skills, empathy and rapport often guiding project managers to higher productivity.

She says working in such a male-dominated environment has made her want to help other women reach their career goals and to pass on the support, understanding and guidance that she herself had received.

“I’m very passionate about getting women to step up into management roles and also getting more female engineers into the business.’’

“We mentor female engineers before they finish their degree and get them to a point where they’re confident enough to go for jobs and get those graduate roles they want to get out of university.’’

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Jodie says while she still loves working at UGL – a company she started working at while completing her business degree (majoring in accounting) from Australian Catholic University – she still has her eye on the bigger picture.

She plans to become a chief financial officer and eventually the CEO of her own company one day.

With her own blog about achieving personal financial freedom already on the go and plans for a book on the same topic also on the horizon – the future looks bright.

Jodie, who is also a member of CPA Australia’s young professionals committee, says the blog and the planned book were more a passion than a hobby and have been inspired by overcoming her own youthful financial struggle.

“(Years ago) My sister said to me, ‘I earn half what you earn and you’ve got no savings and lots of credit card debt – what’s going on?’ ”

“I learnt from my mistakes and now I’m writing a bit about that as well.’’

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As for the CPA program, Jodie believes her career would have stalled if not for the globally recognised qualification.

Jodie Matthews CPA’s top tips for graduates starting their careers:

  • Get a mentor or coach, because that helped me tremendously to further my career
  • Never stop learning, always strive to learn new things. Stopping will kill your career progression
  • Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will


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