How to be the office superstar everyone loves to hate

How to be the office superstar everyone loves to hate

When you’ve just graduated, you might feel pretty up-to-date with industry knowledge. After all, you’ve just spent a few years learning everything you can and preparing yourself to start a new career in your chosen field. But how will you keep up with the latest industry trends once you’ve settled in and become busy with your daily workload? Here are a few strategies to keep up with progress and news in your field.


Get out to events that will be attended by other professionals in your field. Go to meet-ups where you can network with people who can conversationally tell you about news and updates in your area of work. Attend workshops and lectures where you can learn more about trends or updates to industry standards and procedures.


Make it easy to access all the right information. Set up some subscriptions for yourself so that industry news literally delivers itself to you. Check out magazines, newspaper and even online newsletters or RSS feeds and content digests from websites. 

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Many search engines, like Google, allow you to set up search alerts that email you when particular keywords have been used online. Try setting up an alert for a specific term or company name from within your industry so that you are alerted when those words are mentioned on the web. This way you won’t have to keep your eyes peeled for information and news when reading the morning paper as the news will point itself out via your search alerts.

Make time

When you’re at university, you make time to specifically study up on industry trends. But once you score your first job and settle into your work routine, it can be easy to become too busy to search for interesting articles that are relevant to your field. So set aside some time in your work schedule just for keeping up-to-date with trends and news. Perhaps you could make time to do some industry research while you have your morning coffee, or on a Friday afternoon when you’re winding down for the weekend.

Get online

There are probably hundreds of people in your industry who are chatting about the latest trends online in places like online forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Google Hangouts and more. So get online and find where your community is networking and sharing information – then get involved!

How do you keep up-to-date with the latest news in your industry? Let us know your tips and suggestions in the comments below.


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